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Digital Tester For Electric Point Test


Weapon And Bodywire Tester

MINI Device For Foil/Epee And Weapon/Bodywire Tester

SKU: NEG-6005

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Quick Overview

Mini device for Foil/Epee and Weapon/Bodywire tester: electronic signalling of micro-interruptions in connections.
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The user can select the following three operation modes:

Foil hit recorder
Epee hit recorder
Tester for the electric control of body cords and the 3 weapons.
The low cost, the easy usage and the multiple functions make it an indispensable device for every fencer.


Foil hit recorder:

FTT-1 is connected to the 3-pin plug of all the body cords in order to use it with any kind of connector in the weapons.

It comes with a special clip, which is easily fixed to the athlete’s clothing, close to the output of the body cord (small pocket, belt, etc.).
It signals every time the tip of the weapon is pressed, even if this occurs on non-valid targets.
It signals the hit only if the contact time of the tip is compliant with the FIE regulations, thus guaranteeing a correct execution.
It is ideal for training because it makes reels, pistes, cables and signaling units superfluous.
It allows to select 3 kinds of sonorous signaling:
1) two of the signals last for 1 second and have different tonalities that distinguish the hits of the two competitors.

2) a third signal has a short duration of 0.15 seconds in order to identify hits made in rapid succession during training.


Epee hit recorder:

FTT-1 has all the characteristics listed for the foil hit recorder; the contact times of tip complies with the FIE regulations for epee.


Tester for the electric control of the body cords and the 3 weapons:

The tester verifies the electric conductance of the circuits on the 3 weapons and on all kinds of body cords.

The micro-interruptions of the circuits are signaled both visually and audibly even when they last a millisecond; in this manner uncertain contacts or brief disconnections during the movement of the cables can be identified.


General Characteristics:

Automatic turn off: after 5 minutes of inactivity.
Automatic reactivation: at the first recorded event.
Standard battery, included: 12V type A23.
Extremely reduced dimensions: 7.6 x 4.8 x 1.6cm.
Super light: 60g.

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